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Mobile Clay Shoot

As well as using our own grounds we also provide a mobile clay shooting service. Whether it is a private shoot on your own land for you and your friends or a country fair for hundreds of people, we can organise this for you. All mobile shoots are tailored to the client’s requirements.

setting up Frampton Shoot We will never compromise on safety at any event we organise, and our mobile shoots are run to the same standard as shoots on our own grounds

Information for mobile Shoots

  • Bristol Clay Shooting will do a site visit to ensure that the area is suitable for clay shooting.
  • A section 11.6 is required to allow non certificate holders to shoot under current legislation. We can organise this with the local police authority to get this issued (there is no cost for the certificate)
  • Bristol Clay Shooting will erect the necessary stands and safety line.
  • Bristol Clay Shooting will provide staff dependant on the number of people shooting.
  • Bristol Clay Shooting will leave the site in a clean and tidy way (broken clays cannot be picked up but are bio degradable and do break down)
  • Bristol Clay Shooting only uses fibre wad cartridges, which are not harmful to the ground and or live stock.
  • On the event day we will be working for the land owner/organiser. Therefore we cannot be held responsible if neighbours/guests etc haven’t been forewarned of the shooting.

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