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Why Learn to shoot?

Folly View Ground

It feels a bit strange the first time you try. The awkwardness, the concentration, and the nerves.

But as you begin to relax, this takes a back seat and you start to enjoy the world of clay shooting.

With that first hold of a gun and the first shot (whether you hit the target or not) the door opens to a different world.

Only you can say what makes you want to start clay shooting. It could be as a hobby or you may want to take it further (competitions etc) whatever the reason, you have chosen the right sport.

There are not many sports that match you for what you are up for now, tomorrow, or even 20 years down the line. With clay shooting you cannot outgrow it. You can only grow with it.

young person shooting

If you are seeking excitement and an adrenaline rush you will find plenty. Whether it is on your own land, at a shooting ground or in another country with other people and cultures, clay shooting is such a diverse sport and its closer than you imagine.

Clay shooting means rising to new challenges. It is a sport that offers adrenaline; intensity and challenges that require training, planning and focus. On the other hand you can take it easy and shoot at your own pace. Either way clay shooting grows with you and there is always something else to discover and learn.

Bristol Clay Shooting School has a senior CPSA instructor in Neil Padfield who will be able to introduce you to Clay Shooting or help you improve your skills in this sport.

Whether you are a complete beginner, want to improve your general technique or need help with a particular type of target, Bristol Clay Shooting School provide a safe and sound environment and Neil Padfield can help you.

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